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Flexicircuits & PCBs

Almost all high tech and electronic devices today make extensive use of flexi circuits. The device on which you are reading this will include at least one! This popularity is a result of several benefits including;

  • high reliability
  • good mechanical strength
  • surface mounted components.

Flexi circuits are especially beneficial where room is at a premium and with push fit connections, can significantly reduce manufacturing costs and lead time by eliminating the need for complex soldering.

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    Designed in house, our development engineers can advise on circuit design, tracking location or will design a custom built circuit to fit your needs. We offer both single and double sided circuits, offering a very cost effective method of achieving the required connectivity in your product. The product’s flexibility additionally offers other useful properties in situations such as incorporation of RFI shielding or anti-tamper components. They are perfectly suited to environments in which electronics may need to withstand some element of applied force or conform to a constrained shape.

    Normally produced of high reliability, high performance Polyimide, offering good mechanical and thermal properties. Surface finishes can be tin/lead, nickel/gold and immersion gold. In line with our quality procedures, all materials are RoHS compliant.