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Membrane Keypads

Membrane Keypads, also referred to as Membrane Switches or Membrane Keyboards, offer a cost effective human interface option to a conventional mechanical switch. Our keypads reliably operate at a range of temperatures, pressures, humidity levels and under the stresses of harsh environments, where mechanical alternatives can, potentially, be subject to failure.

Highly durable and of simple construction, membrane keypads keep working through millions of button presses, whilst offering a light weight alternative to conventional switching systems. Able to be built into sealed units, membrane keypads prevent particulates or liquids interfering with the underlying mechanics or electronics of your product and allow your machine interface to be easily cleaned down and sterilised, where necessary.

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    Embossed features and undersurface domes can be specified to give the user touch and push button feedback for ease of operation. LEDs and EL lighting can be incorporated to indicate power or button operation, where lighting levels are low, and optically clear windows protect underlying display screens. Guaranteed ‘non-spark’ features can also ensure safe operation in environments where the risk of combustion is a key consideration, such as the oil, mining or chemical industries.

    Uniquely tailored to our customers requirements, membranes are styled and contoured to fit into almost any size and shape. They can be printed in solid block colours, for easy key identification, or with more complex designs such as branding or operation/operating instructions. Finishes can be a combination of matt or gloss textures and colour matched to existing mouldings or metal work, fitting perfectly with your brand identity.

    Embossing style, button sensitivity, non-flammable or anti-bacterial materials, adhesion, visual design, cost and the final use are all key considerations. Our technical and design teams work in close harmony with our customers to achieve the very best solution and can work accurately from supplied drawings, reverse engineer existing products, or help you develop the perfect product for your needs from the ground up.

  • Technical Information

    • Materials: Polyester (including Anti-microbial) and Polycarbonate are typically used
    • Adhesives: a full range of 3M and equivalent
    • Colours: Full range of Pantone, Ral, Metallics, or colour match of your choice
    • Selective textures, anti-scratch and anti-glare finishes
    • Circuit design
    • Embedded components (typically LED’s or resistors)
    • Embossing for buttons (typical pillow or rim)
    • “Feel” of button – Tactile or Non-Tactile
    • Gasket construction to prevent water ingress
    • RFI/EMC shielding
    • Secret-Til-Lit
    • Capacitive Switching

All of our products are fully customisable. Please contact our sales team who will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.