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Photography & Silk Screen

For customers who wish to print their own products Graphic Art (Cambridge) Ltd offer a full Silk Screen manufacture and photography processing service, supplying ready made customer specific silk screens and photo positives.

Capable of extremely high resolutions of over 2500dpi our image setter and photographic exposure unit can supply photography clearly detailing fine information at less than one tenth of a millimetre. In full daily production use, these photo negatives can be supplied to customers to allow them to expose their own silk screen meshes, manufacture printing plates or check over existing prints or parts to ensure a correct fit in print manufacture. Photographic film is still the most accurate method of screen manufacture in the industry.

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    Graphic Art (Cambridge) Ltd’s long established in house silk screen unit daily produces silk screen meshes for use in product manufacture. Here customer screen processing is also an option and silk screen meshes can be produced at a range of standard sizes from as small as 8” x 6” to 20” x 17” with larger sizes available on request. Our capillary film exposed durable screens come in a rage of mesh count options from 24 to 150 and are robust enough to be washed and reused for several print runs offering an excellent return on investment.